M. Duzinkevych


Three years ago, an event took place that significantly enriched the cultural world of modern New York. Tatyana Borodina, creator and editor-in-chief of Elegant New York magazine, presented a gift to all those who love and appreciate art in its various manifestations: she came up with a new project, “International Art Alliance”. To be precise, this gift was intended for Urbi et Orbi – not only for the city, but also for the world.

Artists, photographers, sculptors, designers, fashion designers, poets, and writers from the USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Great Britain, Belarus, Lithuania, Israel, Poland, Slovenia, Russia, and other countries obtained their own unique platform. The diversity and the scale of their talent is breathtaking.

I’ll list the names in alphabetical order. Photographer Alex AG (New York), artists: Armine Bozhko, Elena Dobrovolskaya (New York), Miroslav Duzinkevich (Ukraine-USA), Vasil Kadar (Ukraine), Marina Kalinovsky (New York), Elena Lezhen (New York), Lidia Mikhailova (Lithuania), Anna Miklashevich (Ukraine-Slovenia), Olga Nenazhivina (New York), Petro Smetana (Ukraine), Ruslan Tremba (Ukraine); fashion designer Olga Banartsev (New York); jewelers: Vladimir Deming (New York), Kira Koktysh (New York), Victoria Rakhmanova (New York).

All of them are participants in the International Art Alliance project, and each of them is described in detail on the Alliance’s website, where there is an excellent selection of their works.

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