M. Duzinkevych

Ulya Aligulova, interview with Miroslav Duzinkevich

I met Miroslav at a group exhibition in downtown New York where he was exhibiting five of his works. Walking around the gallery for the first time, I didn’t realise that the 5 pieces of art that were so strikingly different from one another belonged to the same artist. My eye was caught by a large canvas in red hues depicting three women in a garden. The highly decorative elements of their dresses and the flora of the garden executed in the Art Nouveau style bore a strong resemblance to the works of Gustav Klimt. Below it three Baroque style floral still lifes stylistically so complex that they seemed to have time travelled from the 17th century. The ensemble was complete with a large scale canvas of a bright yellow cat that looked like it was painted by a child. Never before have I met an artist so incredibly stylistically diverse. 

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